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relax space~

This SPA is By appointment only. You can enjoy the finest time in a space wrapped with your favorite scent.You will have massage thoroughly using all the time you requested after warming your feet with a foot bath.The set amount is the price including the tip, so there is no additional cost.



Image by Toa Heftiba

Balinese Oil massage

60分 USD 50 / 90分 USD 70 / 120分 USD 90


Stone treatment. Top view of beautiful y

hot stone massage

​60分 USD 55 / 90分 USD 80 /120 USD 100



pregnancy massage


​60分 USD50


Luk Pra Kob Thai pattern for Spa and mas

thai massage

60分 USD 50 / 90分 USD 70 / 120分 USD 90




15分 USD 15  / 30分 USD 25



Indonesia-style accessories, pleasant music, and aromas of the forest scent allow you to relax and work in your room.I often work while sitting, so I was pretty elaborate from my shoulder to my waist.I had you massage carefully, and after finishing it, the hot stone effect warmed my body and made my eyes open with fluffy eyes! You can leave yourself in peace without discomfort。professional skill!」


In a relaxed atmosphere in the home salon (comfortable Asian rooms), the Balinese oil course, where you can easily reach comfortable places that are not itchy, was a truly blissful time.Experienced technique that mixes a lot of elements, exquisiteness and gentleness that responds exquisitely and responds to requests! Please try it! I would love to come back again ♡



You can choose your favorite style according to the physical condition and mood of the day

Find out more about our services below.

You can freely choose the combination of courses,If you have any questions, you can, of course, ask them before making a reservation.

Want a peaceful mind and health?Refresh your spirit with a relaxing treatment.

From body treatments to partial / foot care, we will respond to your needs, and our staff will provide you with luxurious time.

Stone treatment. Top view of beautiful y

hot stone massage

​60min USD 50 / 90min USD 70 /120min USD 90

It is a massage using hot stones that have been heated to an appropriate temperature。In this SPA, we use arsenal-produced basalt, and the far-infrared effect from the stone penetrates deep into the body, relieving fatigue and cold accumulated in the core of the body.


pregnancy massage

​60min USD45

Maternity massage is aimed at alleviating troubles during pregnancy.During pregnancy, various physical conditions such as lower back pain, stress and swelling are likely to occur depending on the timing and constitution.This is a massage treatment that takes into account the burden on the delicate body and fetus of pregnant women.

Luk Pra Kob Thai pattern for Spa and mas

Thai massage

60min USD 45 / 90min USD 65 / 120min USD 80

Thai massage is done on a low mattress in a loose clothes without using oil.We relax the whole body through <Sen> which is considered as a path of body energy.In addition, by taking in stretches, exhaling as you move, and inhaling a lot of new air, you can relax muscles comfortably while increasing muscle flexibility. Adjust stretch to suit your body's flexibility




20min USD 15  / 30min USD 25

Slowly take time from the calf to the whole foot and take care of it to eliminate tiredness, swelling, and sluggishness.We will operate with your favorite strength.In addition, if you apply for a full body massage plan and want to provide intensive care to parts other than the feet, you can apply this to save time to care for your feet.

customer's voice

Image by Toa Heftiba

Balinese Oil massage

60分 USD 45 / 90分 USD 65 / 120分 USD 80 

Business Hour

We look forward to seeing you 



Although it is irregular, it is also possible to make reservations during the day on weekdays,

so please contact us directly.



You can come with out Toll if using 183 or Parmer Lane.For all services except Hot Stone, business travel services are available. Please contact us directly for business travel services.

609 Yazoo Creek Ln,Cedar Park,TX78613


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